Dry Cleaning


We take on cleaning of all garments and provide you with a specialist dry cleaning service where necessary including the cleaning of garments with beads and sequins.

All works we undertake are inspected thoroughly with a particular emphasis on:

  • ‘Spotting’ check to remove stains without risk of damage
  • Thorough cleaning in eco-friendly machinery
  • Pressing and hand finishing using a Hoffman Press
  • A final inspection before your garments are packed for delivery

Specialist Dry Cleaning


We take pride in our specialist service for all those garments in need of that extra level of care, ensuring that silks, beads, sequins, prints, etc, receive our best attention and are thoroughly cared for.

Our specialist service consists of:

  • Detailed stain removal
  • Extra protection for buttons, buckles, trim, etc
  • Where appropriate, low temperature delicate programs
  • Hand finishing
  • Finally your garment is thoroughly inspected for quality finishing and care, prior to being hung and packed

Alterations and Repairs


We undertake many types of alterations and repairs as part of our dry cleaning services, these include:

  • Re-sizing jackets/coats
  • new zips, invisible zips
  • trousers lengthen/shorten, turn ups
  • waist adjustments
  • sleeves lengthen/shorten
  • dress lengthen/shorten
  • pockets, patches,
  • buttons moved/replaced
  • hand stitched hems
  • tapering
  • curtain shortening, width adjustments and much more!

Minor Repairs to loose hems, open seams, loose buttons, missing buttons etc are carried out free of charge.

All alterations are undertaken by an experienced seamstress. Please refer to the price list for details of the costs involved.

Curtain Service


Delicate cleaning – We have various special delicate cleaning programs specifically designed for curtains.

These programs have reduced mechanical action and lower temperatures to minimise the stress on linings, threads, weights and trim.

Suede and Leather Cleaning


Suede and leather cleaning should only be carried out by specialist cleaners. Our suede & leather specialist have been involved in leather cleaning for over 25 years and have all the necessary skills and expertise to clean and rejuvenate most garments. We also provide a leather repairs and alterations service.

Cleaning and Rewaxing


Our cleaning processes returns most of its original colouring. Rewaxing and oiling ensures the garment is once again waterproof.

Bridal and Eveningwear


Our services include a cleaning package specifically tailored for Wedding Gowns. We also offer you the opportunity of having your gown returned to you in a special box so that you can store it safe and sound.

We also Dry Clean Evening and Ball Gowns.

Duvets and Bedding


Our modern washers and dryers are ideal for fast processing of large quantities of laundry and for bulky items such as duvets, pillows, blankets, bedding, etc.

We also clean Polyester as well as Goose/Duck Down Duvets.

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